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OnSite Medical Waste Disposal

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CytoVive® is Proud to offer the OnSite® TE-5000, a revolutionary biomedical waste treatment system that converts sharps waste and red bag waste to non-infectious, solid waste through the application of dry heat at temperatures between 350-400°F. The Thermal Eliminator TE-5000 is the only on-site, desktop biomedical waste management system approved for use as an alternative medical waste treatment device that treat both sharps and red bag waste. Once the Container is full and sealed, it is placed into the Thermal Eliminator TE-5000 for sterilization. 

Upon TE-5000 cycle completion, the waste is sterile, and sharps are formed into a non-recognizable solid waste end product that may be disposed of by routine trash disposal means. The system firmware is equipped with fail-safe measures to ensure that all waste treated in the system meets minimum regulatory requirements for resident temperature and process time duration.   

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OnSite Program Benefits

• Seamless Setup & On-Boarding: Our program is very simple and requires little setup (take out of the box & plug into a 110V outlet). All onboarding is handled in a uniform fashion by CytoVive and OnSite's Client Experience team, which handles any training, operations, and regulatory matters for you.


Progressive and Intuitive Technology: OnSite's smart technology is connected with the Verizon network, allowing auto-fulfillment (of disposable containers) and support to occur automatically and remotely.  The enablement also allows all regulatory, analytics, and data to be housed centrally, which helps empower corporate controls and optimization.


Medical-Waste Services available through OnSite: Any product / service can be offered as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other solutions.


TE-5000 Sterilization System: allows Sharps & small quantities of bio-waste to be treated and disposed of at the facility, no storage or pickup required.


Scheduled and/or On-Call Pickup Services: charged per transaction and available as a sole-solution or as a TE-5000 supplement for higher-waste generators.


Mail Back Kits: for very small-quantity generators, enabling waste to be mailed back for processing.


Waste Segregation & Compliance Training: Average 75% waste reduction & 82% cost reduction. 


WasteTech IQ: medical-waste management software with Automated Compliance Reporting

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Bacterial and Viral Efficacy

A series of independent performance tests were commissioned in support of state regulatory approval for the Thermal Eliminator® TE-5000. These studies were conducted at Stanford University, Kansas State University, NUI Maynooth University, Cruinn Diagnostic Laboratories and private independent laboratories. A minimum 6 log10 (99.9999%) kill criteria has been demonstrated utilizing the following organisms: B. subtilis (spores), Bacillus autrophaeus (spores), S. aureus, C. albicans, M. fortuitum, M. bovis, M. phlei, E. coli, P. aeruginosa and Giardia spp. The inactivation of Duck Hepatitus virus as an indicator viral organism was demonstrated at a level of at least 2.2 x 105 through efficacy studies conducted at Stanford University.

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Save Money - Reduce Waste - Help The Environment

1 Gallon Processed in 3 Hours

TE5000 Dimensions - 28" D x 12" W x 14" H

~ 73% Average Waste Reduction

~ 82% Average Cost Savings 

Automated Compliance Reporting in The Cloud

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The TE-5000 is a smart system, constantly monitoring and controlling itself as waste is processed. Once the process is complete, the TE-5000 sends all required documentation for compliance to our cloud-based system. Whenever you need to, you can log into the OnSite compliance portal to view and download your regulatory reporting. No more manifests and binders necessary.

The Thermal Eliminator TE-5000 meets all emissions requirements including the EPA’s test standard for bacteria-free emissions. A dual filtration system has been incorporated to virtually eliminate odor and serve in a redundant safety capacity. Absence of bio-aerosols and odor during operation was verified by an independent evaluation.

Additional Medical Waste Solutions Available as Needed

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