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Autologous Microfat Graft Devices

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The MiniTC®

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CytoVive® is Proud to offer JoinTechLab's family of industry leading Autologous Microfat Graft Devices. Joint Tech Lab's MiniTC® is an FDA cleared, disposable, hand-held medical device for isolation of fragmented and purified fat grafts (microfat) at the point-of-care. Microfat is your own processed and fragmented fat, which is rich in regenerative cells. Microfat preserves the integrity of fat tissue and the stromal cells within its natural niche which helps in the reconstruction, rejuvenation and healing of tissues. Microfat can then be applied or injected to areas of injury, inflammation or for aesthetic contouring.

The MiniTC® is an FDA-cleared portable medical device for isolation of fragmented and purified fat grafts (microfat) at the point-of-care. It is a patented, disposable, closed loop medical device that can be used for processing of lipoaspirate (fat) in any clinic setting, with no change in infrastructure. The end-product is finely washed injectable microfat which can be used for autologous implant alone or in conjunction with biocompatible carriers. The device can be used in a broad range of therapeutic areas, such as medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, orthopedics and wound care.

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Efficacy and Efficiency

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Streamline Protocol & Industry Leading Support

The MiniTC® offers a simplified protocol of just two centrifugation steps for obtaining injectable microfat in about 20 minutes. Step one eliminates the blood and anesthetic contaminants, and step two allows breaking of dense fat into microfat where regenerative cells are preserved. Injectable microfat is then collected by connecting the syringe to the luer on top of the device. (Please follow the Instructions for use when using MiniTC™). 

Proprietary Product - Revolutionary Protocol - Data Driven Results


Minimal Processing Equipment Needed - Closed Loop Device

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Numerous Applications

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Mini-TC Competitive Advantages

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- Free Centrifuge with Qualifying Purchase

- Half the Cost of Leading Competitors in the US and Europe

- Superior Efficacy, Performance, & Protocol
- Platform for Combination Therapies & Clinical Research

- Total required time is 20-25 min

- Final yield ratio is ~40% of the initial decanted fat volume

- Cell Count is 800,000/ml minimum, the highest in the field

- Cell Viability 92%-96%

- Device processing capacity 20 - 100ml of decanted fat

*5 min spin in the centrifuge with 50 ml of RL to wash out impurities 

*5-10 min second spin with 100 ml of RL to gently micronize through the special screen, delivering distinct rich cellular clusters without excessive oil and cell loss.

*Sealed System operates in a close manner.

Qualitative and Quantitative Lab Results

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