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At CytoVive® we believe that all patients deserve access to next generation treatments, and our mission is to bring healthcare professionals that next generation of FDA compliant regenerative treatment options. We seek out and deal with only top tier manufacturers that specialize in the research and development of advanced regenerative medical treatments and medical devices. CytoVive® maintains direct vertical integration with all of our manufacturers in order to save you money and ensure that you receive a "white glove" client service experience.

All CytoVive® products and devices go through an extensive vetting process for the following criteria:

1. Must have no adverse events and only minimal (if any) side effects reported with use.

2. Must possess proprietary qualities that revolutionize their respective application(s).

3. Must be FDA registered and regulated -

     A) Under 21 CFR Part 1271 & PHS Act Section 361; or

     B) As a 510(k) device under 21 CFR Part 807.92 (a) (3).

     C) As a 505(b)(2) NDA Pharmaceutical under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

     D) Under Section IV.D of the FDA's Policy for Diagnostic Tests for Coronavirus Disease-2019.

4. Allografts must be certified by an independent third party laboratory (registered as a 501(c)(3)) for product sterility and viability.

CytoVive® Regenerative & Functional Medicine

CytoVive® Personalized Medicine 

The CytoVive® Charitable Affiliation Project

CytoVive® is proud to announce that The CytoVive Charitable Affiliation Project has been implemented ahead of schedule and made retroactive to January 1st of 2019! All charitable contributions are made directly by CytoVive at no cost to you! Please note: this project is not funded by price inflation of any kind; it is our promise and our pleasure to always offer you rock bottom manufacture direct pricing or better! 

CytoVive® has selected seven charities that we will be donating to at the end of each year, and we think that our clients should have a say in where that money goes! It is our pledge to donate a portion of proceeds from every order in accordance with the Charitable Affiliations that each Client has chosen to associate their respective Account with.


The CytoVive Charitable Affiliation Project Fund is calculated each year on a sliding scale, which we aim to increase every year! The Fund will be distributed to the charities below in accordance with our client's Charitable Affiliation Selections. For example, If your account made up 5% of CytoVive's business last year, the Charity that you select will receive that corresponding percentage of the total CytoVive Charitable Affiliation Project Fund. The Charities that you will have the option to select as your Account's Charitable Affiliation(s) are (all registered 501(c)(3)'s):

1 - The Human Society of Tampa Bay

2 - Suncoast Animal League

3 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

4 - Children's Tumor Foundation

5 - Shriners Hospital for Children

6 - Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

7 - Feeding America - Feeding Tampa

8 - Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

9 - The Water Project Inc.

10 - Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation

11 - All the Above

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**Medical Professionals Only**

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